BMW X6 2015 2016 Review with Photo and Video

BMW X6 2015 2016 Review with Photo and Video

Are you ready to learn all the latest news about the new model BMW X6 2015 2016 years? Immediately it should say that kupeobrazny crossover changed. Basic equipment is still offered with stylish 19-inch wheels on and biksinonom. Standard equipment pleasing to the eye and soul, as there are:

  • sports steering wheel
  • decent entertainment system with TV on the 10.25-inches
  • leather trim
  • aggressive body kit and lights

Tests and reviews BMW X6 2015 2016 (6 videos) View All For the whole story – it is the second generation of our beloved crossover. For a brief six years of successful sales it was purchased more than 250 000 copies. This model is more accustomed to call the Sport Activity Coupe.

And there is nothing surprising, because it has always valued the versatility, beautiful design, sportiness and low price. You’ve probably already noticed that the younger brother – X3 2015 is very similar to the older. At most I liked the set of options version of BMW X6 M Sport 2015 2016 year. Here I have taken to heart:

  • wheels
  • a more aggressive body kit
  • M-suspension
  • changes in the cabin

Wheels – a chic element that can not be ignored. The body kit makes visually believe in the power and capabilities of this machine. Suspension and ground clearance of the balance sheet will provide high throughput. Shop full of surprises and moreover nice.

Elegant design will not leave indifferent any motorist. The new BMW X6 2016 can truly improve their segment and to customers that will be used for all occasions. Let a long and hilarious journey into the mountains – this is no problem for this machine. Bustle of the city will also be well received. Even bad rural roads does not interfere with our new product.

The BMW X6 with a new body will be accepted for the glory, because he is willing to our conditions.

Exterior Car


Car head the crossover segment. Muscular Ethnicity, rapid image and size make believe in its power and capabilities. Every car should be beautiful on the outside and should be considered only if its technical characteristics and ride quality. The design of the new items are:

  • the radiator grille
  • lights
  • wheel disks
  • bumper
  • backdoor

And now everything in detail. The radiator grille is presented in the previous version, which is already familiar to us from other updated vehicles Bavarian manufacturer. This classic nostrils that stylish look on new cars, “Behi”. From the photographs of the new X-6 significantly, lights that change shape and stuffing. Now this bi-xenon lights, which have become more expressive and aggressive. Aggression – is the main advantage of the new version of the crossover. That’s what he loved in popular countries.

Photos of the new BMW X6 2015 2016 th for a long time is in the network, so you can monitor the way with us. At first spy photos showed a completely different wheels. Now, the official photographs show solid wheels 19 inches with an expressive pattern. For crossover wheels 19 inches – this is what is ideal in any tests. Bumper underlines the desire to burst forward through all obstacles. The front bumper has traditionally recalls that relates to a series of X 6.

The rear bumper has become more convex to visually appear larger. It is also possible to improve the level of safety. The tailgate is motorized, which facilitates access to the boot. It should be noted that the premiere took place at the Moscow Motor Show, which was represented by the basic version, which had a power tailgate.


The fifth door updated news has chrome model badge and honorable brand logo. I liked the beautiful design, the luxury and elegance of the elements of the image. The palette of colors will allow the buyer to choose your favorite color. Each machine enamel turns into a unique and unique car. If you still do airbrushing or clever to stick vinyl stickers, the effect will impress everyone.

Interior Car


“Bavarian” has two types of cabin: Luxury-Executive. Sports. Perhaps, like many I am impressed with the sports version of the interior, especially the version of the BMW X6 M Sport 2015 2016 year. Sports shop different wheel and dashboard. Multifunctional steering wheel – it’s just half the success of any car, the driver because the most time in contact with this part of luxury. The instrument panel is more expressive and has a nice looking design. White skin, black glossy inserts did their job and lured me to the fans of this model.

Executive Lounge is made a little differently, instead of white leather and plastic, then there is brown. From the photographs BMW X6 M Sport 2016 shows that the price increased up to expectations. Both saloon type have an amazing level of comfort.

The design uses a soft plastic and leather upholstery chairs. Seats are tight lateral support. Leather interior with high-quality screen adorned with multimedia system. The steering wheel has a series of buttons that allow you to customize the car without being distracted from the spectacular control. The mirror in the cabin dimmed with the button on the steering wheel. Gear shift speeds made with chrome elements. Around the arm has a number of buttons and touch-analyzer, with which you can control the entertainment system and navigation.


Inside, there are many places for small things. Designated driver and passengers plenty. The knees will not be close, there is a special regulation. For the head, too, has all the amenities: a comfortable headrest and space to the roof. For those who feel a dull interior trends, the manufacturer has prepared for a fee package Design Pure Extravantage and M Sports. Execute small specific desires of the buyer program will help BMW Individual. Volume of luggage compartment is 580-1525 liters of cargo.


In this novelty now other dimensions:

  • length – 491 cm
  • width – 199 cm
  • Height – 170 cm
  • wheelbase – 293 E
  • ground clearance – 21 cm

Dimensions are impressive, especially the size of clearance, or as it is called – clearance. Clearance BMW X6 2015 2016 will allow travel on any roads.

Double wishbones in front, branded mnogoryichazhka Integral V rear and a number of settings will create ease of movement in any situation. The range of new engines X6 consists of a 3-hlitrovogo diesel at 258 horsepower and 560 Nm (acceleration to hundreds – 7 seconds, maximum speed – 230 kilometers per hour). 4.4-liter benzinki 450 horses and 650 Nm (acceleration to hundreds – 5 seconds, maximum speed – 250 kilometers per hour).

For version M50d diesel to 381 horse and 740 Nm of torque. The motors work in tandem with the automatic 8 gear. M50d version will be dispersed to hundred for 5 seconds and maximum speed is 250 km / h. In the crossover will be the following configuration: sDrive35i. xDrive35i. xDrive40d. All motors are able to impress with its dynamic acceleration and fuel consumption. All motors are suitable for Euro-6 standards. TwinPower Turbo technology have reduced fuel consumption by 22%. Eats rookie of 6 liters with a diesel engine, with 8 liters of gasoline.

The conclusion


he car in general was excellent. I am impressed by its low fuel consumption, which is very important for the crossover segment. Positive emotions cause aggressive appearance that fascinates and entices from the competition.

Beauty will not get bored in traffic jams and night trips. Turns on speed is not a problem, overtaking other cars too. The level of security at the highest level, there is a system:

  • tracking Rows
  • automatic stop in front of an obstacle
  • collision avoidance

It surprised that the drag coefficient is lowered to 0.32. Crossover lost 40 kg. Volume of the trunk could increase to 10-75 liters. Power tailgate, alloy wheels of 19 inches and Bi-Xenon headlights, too, were not superfluous.

In conclusion I want to note that the second generation of the Sports Activity Coupe from the German ideal. Watch the video test drive BMW X6 2015 and personally evaluate the new generation of this model. I look forward to your comments and reviews of the owners.


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