Dodge Challenger 2015 2016 Review with Photo and Video

Dodge Challenger 2015 2016 Review with Photo and Video

American Cars Dodge brand I like a very long time, especially the Dodge Challenger 2015 2016 year. Just a few months ago I learned that in 2015, the manufacturer decided to reystayling oil car Challenger. The highlight of the model was to become the new “charged” version of the SRT.

On the start of sales of the Dodge Challenger in 2016 said one of the representatives of the company. According to him, the date of the launch pipeline on the territory of our country is planned by the end of the year. Also, I managed to collect very interesting information about this car.

Machine does not have any presentation. But thanks to the network appeared in the spy shots, we can see that there have been significant changes in the exterior. Looking at the photo Dodge Challenger 2015 2016-th it can be seen that the car has undergone a great change significantly “increase its muscles.”

The novelty has changed front and rear bumpers, which are now more voluminous and massive. Updates touched lighting. Hood bought stylish vyshtampovki which perfectly fit into the overall style of the car. But LED repeater of stoplights, you will not see.

If you look closely at the picture of the car Dodge Challenger 2015 2016 years old, you will notice that this item is no longer adorns the exterior of the car. Overall appearance is very similar to the first version in 1971. From the “ancestor” I went to the same grille and taillights, which set LED and Xenon.

The advantage of the new items is nine designs of wheel 20-inch wheels, stylish new exhaust pipes. In contrast to the large size of the new product acquired predecessor. Now the length of the car is 5020 mm, width 1920 mm, height 1450 mm. The changes affected the wheelbase, the size of which is 2950 mm.

Car Interior


A new center console. It is slightly elevated 8.4-inch touchscreen Uconnect. Completely new was the instrument panel:

  • four round the well control devices;
  • a large number of buttons;
  • additional keys.


It updates the three-spoke steering wheel, which has become a multi-functional. New, modern, compact Media Center with a USB system is now located in the armrest, which is very convenient for users. Comfort can be seen in the new seats that are equipped with modern shock absorbers and improved user-friendly design of lateral support. Front-row seat is equipped with a ventilation system, heating. The standard version is equipped with:

  • a rear view camera;
  • monitoring system;
  • airbags;
  • communication system;
  • keyless entry system;
  • navigation system.



There is information that the Russian will not be delivered complete Dodge Challenger 2015 2016 th, available in America. This aggravates the process of acquisition of this machine. We hope that the new car will be sold in our country. In the meantime, we have to follow the news about a new 2016 Dodge Challenger.

Under the hood of the updated and muscular iron horse can be positioned one of the three options proposed by the motors. It’s 3.6, 5.7, 6.4-year-liter engine capacity of 305, 375, 485 liters. from. respectively. The power unit of 3.6 liters will be equipped with 8-speed automatic gearbox, while all other versions can be paired with a 6-speed manual transmission or 8 range of “automatic”.

Markedly increased the technical characteristics of the Dodge Challenger 2015 2016 th. Thanks to latest design, 6.4-year-liter power unit significantly increased torque, which is 4 800 rev / min. I am glad the acceleration time to a mark of 100 km / h. Now it is a record of 5 seconds. Moreover, the new product can demonstrate maximum speed of up to 290 km / h.


It is known that the US and Canadian motorists will be able to choose from the eight proposed versions. As for the price of Dodge Challenger 2015 2016 years old, it will be approximately 32-35 thousand dollars.



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